We say goodbye to “New Year, New Wardrobe” month and welcome in “Girl’s Night Out” month with new product we’ve introduced slowly the past week or so.  Much more is coming in!  We have a huge order of Lanalee coming between February and April, much of it great resort and casual wear.  If you’re planning a spring break  trip, come see us and we’ll get you looking great.  Lanalee is a true misses fit, if you have been looking for some new denim or just some flattering tops, come see the Lanalee as we get it in.  It’s one of the best brands and always looks good from the back, as well as the front.  Figure flattering and fashionable are key elements in their design.

In addition to Lanalee, we are trying new brands, such as Bellamie and Umgee.  Blu Pepper is a staple and Umgee is a complimentary product if you like the bohemian and vintage style that is a big trend right now.  Keep  your eyes peeled for great tunic length dresses and loose fitting tops.  Bellamie is featuring a great casual look with sweatshirt style dresses or tunics that are super comfortable and flattering.

Many items we must pre-order and wait for the vendor to get to us,  so sometimes we have no idea when it’s going to arrive.  Also, we only order one pre-packed set with each vendor so we get limited sizes and most of the time we cannot re-order.  It’s important that if you really like something, you grab it because it won’t be coming back.  We do this to rotate product for a fresh look in the store and trends are constantly changing so we want to help you be as fashion forward as possible.

We look forward to seeing and meeting lots of ladies at the Women’s Fair February 20-22 at Century II in Wichita.  We will have items featured daily during a fashion show and we’re expecting to sell a lot of clothes. We will be taking spring and summer collections of apparel and accessories.   Come see us before hand and we’ll show you what our models will be wearing.

Have a great February!